domingo, maio 13, 2018

Install Nano Server - Quick Reference

Copy NanoServer folder from the installation media to your computer.
In my computer i copy to C:\NanoServer

Open PowerShell and go to the C:\NanoServer
Import the NanoServerImageGenerator module.

>Import-Module .\NanoServerImageGenerator -Verbose

Create a new image with the command:
>New-NanoServerImage -Edition Standard -DeploymentType Guest -MediaPath E:\ -BasePath .\ -TargetPath C:\Hyper-V\NanoSvr1\NanoSvr.vhdx -ComputerName NanoSvr1
-MediaPath = Media installation Windows Server 2016

Create a new VM and use an existent vhdx:
>new-vm -Name "NanoSRV01" -MemoryStartupBytes 1GB -VHDPath C:\Hyper-V\NanoSvr1\NanoSvr.vhdx -Generation 2

Now you can management your Nano Server!

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